Permanent and Temporary Usage

Intervention Logic Caps (ILCs) are a means to add specific logic or intervention plumbing to a pre-existing structure or ancillary item. The ILC has a frame that makes up the intermediate connection between an inboard and an outboard MQC (Multi Quick Connection).

Our ILCs can host on Hydraulic Distribution Manifolds, Subsea Trees, Subsea Umbilical Termination Assemblies, or other structures and connect to pre-existing inboard MQCs. Within its frame is hydraulic tubing or hoses, junctions, valves, gauges, hot stabs, Subsea Hydraulic Intensifiers, or any other equipment required to meet customer specifications.

Koil Energy ILCs are available as single or dual with integrated buoyancy, and are available with mismatched MQC plates to transition pre-existing MQC plates. ILCs can be built for permanent or temporary use and are easy to reconfigure as needed.

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