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Maintaining our equipment is what ensures it's ready to go when you need it. Our carousels, flying lead deployment frames, rapid deployment cartridges and subsea deployment baskets are engineered to maintain the integrity of our products and reduce your costs in the long run.

Our storage and transportation options include:

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Carousel Systems

Koil Energy has designed a fully scalable carousel system that can be manufactured to handle 1,000MT (metric tons) up to 9,000 MT, depending on customer requirements. These carousels can be used for land-based storage or the offshore deployment of product from an installation vessel. 

Utilizing the latest technology available, our engineers designed our  company-owned 3500MT carousel system with safety in mind by including an automatic speed control and shutdown between the tensioner and carousel, safety controls to protect product from vessel to land communication shutdowns, and dedicated communications between stations via wireless link to the vessel carousel operator. The carousel monitoring system supplies teams with critical readings such as speed, length marks, weight and tension, providing safe and efficient project completions.

Our sectioned carousel design is highly flexible, allowing storage and deployment of various cables and umbilicals. The modular sections provide more compliance and relief against tolerance issues. The carousel’s modularity also allows for bulk transportation of standardized umbilical cross-sections to reduce delivery cost. The system features removable and movable termination porches that offer more flexibility in termination placement and handling. As a result, the umbilicals can be cut and terminated in the Gulf of Mexico closer to the termination assembly supplier further reducing shipping costs.

Our carousel system can be configured to provide ample space to store and install the largest umbilicals on the market while saving you money, continuing our tradition of exceeding industry standards and providing customers with a safe, cost-effective solution.

This 3500 MT carousel was the “Innovation Winner” for the ASME Woelfel Best Engineering Achievement Award from the International Petroleum Technology Institute.


Picture of DDI Carousel Topdown view

Picture of DDI Barge Mounted Carousel Fully loaded

Picture of Carousel half spooled with umbilical


Flying Lead Deployment Frames – Electric / Hydraulic

Koil’s flying lead deployment frames offer a straightforward method of deploying electrical, hydraulic and optical flying leads. These frames can be used for providing storage and protection during transportation and installation of the flying leads. In most cases, there are no permit or escort restrictions on transportation, which keeps costs down and prevents potential timing delays. Each frame is designed to minimize deck space by supporting multiple flying leads and uses a figure-eight wrapping method to prevent twisting and knotting of the flying lead that can increase installation time. When deployed, the frame displaces water through a central channel to reduce deployment time and then stabilizes on the sea floor providing sufficient support for even the heaviest equipment. The frames are configurable to accommodate customer requirements for parking frame receptacles or hydraulic buckets. Koil can also design and manufacture specialty frames to meet specific project requirements.

For complex deployment needs, see our Rapid Deployment Cartridges and Subsea Deployment Baskets.

Electric / Hydraulic Flying Lead Specifications:

Stab and Hinge-Over Specifications:

Rapid Deployment Cartridges and Subsea Deployment Baskets

Koil’s Rapid Deployment Cartridges (RDC) and Subsea Deployment Baskets (SDB) provide installation contractors with safer methods to install umbilicals and flying leads. Both the RDC and SDB provide storage, transportation and installation methods for your flexible pipe and umbilical flying leads. The RDC and SDB are stackable and typically transportable without the need for permits.

The RDC is designed to operate in conjunction with a horizontal drive unit (HDU) keeping loads very low to the ground and minimizing uneven tension that can lead to balancing and other problems experienced with vertical drive units due to variability in centrifugal forces.

To eliminate risks and hazards associated with holdback wires and cables under tension used in traditional over-boarding methods, Koil developed the Subsea Deployment Basket. The SDB incorporates a mud mat that allows for deployment and installation of umbilicals and umbilical flying leads from the sea floor and reduces the risks often associated with ultra-deepwater installations.

Koil’s RDCs and SDBs provide the industry with a safer and more effective means of installing umbilicals and flying leads. In addition to the standard sizes below, Koil can design and fabricate RDCs and SDBs specific to customer project requirements.


Inner Core Dimensions Overall Dimensions Rigging Empty Weight
12′ 16′ x 6′ 4 point 2,800 Lbs
14′ 18′ x 8′ 4 point 3,200 Lbs

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